1976 BMW 2002

  • Vehicle Year: 1976
  • Make: BMW
  • Model: 2002
  • Lot Number: 590
  • Sold Price: $20,000.00


The 2002 was made with German engineering and quality control that gave it a significant edge over its competitors: the BMW’s earned themselves a reputation for being reliable and near bulletproof. Even nowadays, the cars being decades old, the electrical systems are typically still functioning OK: something that could not be said for the BMW 2002’s British and Italian competitors. One of the great selling points of the BMW 2002 is that parts are still available, making the restoration and maintenance of one of these little gems much easier than for many other cars of this vintage.

The BMW 2002 was one of the most important models in BMW securing that future: and not only that, they were made as a driver’s car and have kept that enthusiast appeal ever since. Which gives credence not only to this owners appreciation but also to the top notch technicians who helped create the example you see here.

Metric Mechanics, Kansas City, built the engine, transmission and differential. TEP California provided the suspension parts, strut braces, roll cage, etc. and GJ Auto Trim fabricated and installed the seats, door cards and carpet. Since the completion it has been shown, with great results, auto crossed a bit and served as a reliable driver on trips to the Ozarks. A great ride.