1955 Chevrolet Bel Air Convertible

  • Make: Chevrolet
  • Model: Bel Air Convertible
  • Lot Number: 571
  • High Bid: $41,000.00


The ’55 Chevy was a huge success with the general public. After its introduction, it was quickly dubbed “the hot one”, and the public flocked to dealerships to get a look at the new car. Over 1.7 million were produced, and they accounted for nearly 23% of all car sales in the US in 1955. Although Chevrolet was already the top-selling car for several decades leading up to 1955, its appeal was mostly to older drivers. After 1955, Chevrolet had mass appeal. The ’55’s light weight, combined with its powerful engine and popular shoebox body design also made it a hit with hot rodding circles and soon after, collectors. The ’55 would also put Chevrolet into the motorsports arena for the first time, where it would win many races. Today, the ’55 Chevy is one of the most recognizable cars ever made and is a top draw for collectors.
This amazing example is an unrestored original, having had one repaint in its 44,000 documented miles. Equipped with the 235 cubic inch 6 cylinder engine, powerglide transmission, and power steering, this turquoise and white beauty runs and drives like new. Modern upgrades include an aftermarket sound system, and alternator.