1947 Cadillac Fleetwood Sedan

  • Make: Cadillac
  • Model: Fleetwood
  • Lot Number: 584
  • Sold Price: $20,350.00


In 1947, Cadillac was finally beginning to get back into the swing of post-war car production. Only 8,500 60 Specials were produced that year, with bodies built by Fleetwood. The 60 Special was essentially a small limousine, featuring a 4 inch longer wheel base and 2 inch longer rear door. Needless to say, it offered more than adequate room for rear riding passengers who could stretch their legs as they pleased. The ’47 model year introduced the Cadillac’s famous ‘sombrero’ wheel covers in bright stainless steel. The grille was updated with 5 bars instead of four, but the same 346 cu in (5.67 L) engine that had been used since 1936 was still there, though now rated at 150 horsepower. Bright metal stone shields were mounted on the forward edge of the rear fenders. The block letters depicting Caddie’s nameplate were replaced with script ones. The ’47 Sixty Special sold for $3,195, a substantial jump from 1942’s $2,435 price-tag. Fortunately this hike in price didn’t affect sales, and Cadillac experienced great success with a total of 8,500 units sold.

The Model 60 presented here has a history from new when it was delivered to the Pabst brewing family, properly maintained its entire life and eventually passed on to an executive with the Classic Car Club of America. A wonderful and reliable driver, this full classic is perfect for and always invited to CCCA tours and events.