1936 Auburn 852SC Cabriolet

Lot Number: 565

Sold: $205,500.00


The 1936 Auburn 852 Super Charged Cabriolet is arguably one of the most desirable and drivable cars of the Classic Era. These amazing cars have it all. A fully synchronized gearbox, dual ratio rear end, a powerful supercharged straight 8 Lycoming engine which puts out 150 HP and will travel in excess of 100 MPH. This particular car boasts a sporty rumble seat, a bold grill, a massive hood, external exhaust, 3 position top, a fold down windshield “for that wind in your hair” feeling and of course, above all, gorgeous styling by the legendary dean of classic car design, Mr. Gordon Behring.

Even more rare than the speedster, only 40 or so of the 1935 & 1936 Cabriolets were built and around 25 of these exquisite automobiles are known to survive. (according to Significant Cars Inc.) These cars are a roomier version of the speedster and you can actually take along passengers as well as some luggage.

Auburns are known to be mechanically bulletproof and drive like a modern car. You can drive down the highway at 70 miles an hour all day in a Super Charged 852. This particular 852 Cabriolet was restored to its original factory condition in the mid 1990’s and received a new paint job in the fall of 2017. All of this work was done with exceptionally high quality.

This car is ready to give its new owner years of service and enjoyment.